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HVAC Chiller Maintenance

A building’s cooling requirements depend upon many factors.  The type of facility, its core purpose/ functions, the building’s footprint and design, and the individual needs of the tenants all influence how a space is kept cool and comfortable. 

Routine HVAC chiller maintenance and other scheduled chiller services can help facility managers and building engineers streamline operations and maintenance.   Ultimately, this form of HVAC preventative maintenance helps to regulate operating costs with the end goal of better serving the people that live, work or spend time in the building.

Chiller Operation

Chillers are one of the most complicated pieces of equipment found in any mechanical system.  Depending upon the type of system (such as mechanical or absorption), the purpose remains the same; to provide chilled water throughout the facility.  This chilled water can serve any number of air conditioning units that are tied into the building’s chilled water loop.

Proper HVAC chiller maintenance involves regular inspection and service of all typical chiller components including:

  • Evaporative/condensing units
  • Pumps
  • Expansion valves
  • Purges
  • Panel boxes
  • Cooling towers
  • Controls
  • Other associated MEP systems.


Get Started with a Service & Maintenance Inspection

Chiller Service

Ensuring that a building’s cooling system is efficient and reliable requires the development of a plan for chiller maintenance.  A licensed, experienced service contractor is a great resource to help measure performance, assess needs and develop an action plan.  It is critical to partner with contractors that are trained to work on the specific make and type of chiller found in your facility. 

For chiller service and industrial chiller repair, look for service technicians that are factory-trained in the following HVAC chiller manufacturers:

  • AMD TurboCor
  • Carrier
  • Dunham Bush
  • McQuay
  • Multistack
  • Trane
  • York

Whether it’s for annual chiller maintenance, an HVAC service call, or a planned chiller replacement, a service contractor should be ready to discuss:

  • Chiller maintenance checklist
  • Chiller maintenance schedule
  • Refrigerant analysis and replacement
  • Oil analysis and replacement
  • Vibration analysis
  • Control panel upgrades
  • Tube brushing and replacement


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